Justine Blazer Releases New Single “Just Sing”


Singer/Songwriter, producer, composer and recording artist Justine Blazer recently released her newest single “Just Sing.”
With motivational lyrics like my voice may break, quiver and shake, but keep love alive and diminish the hate, gonna raise my voice and sing about love, gonna share my gift that was sent from up above, “Just Sing” is sure to inspire listeners far and wide.

“I am a firm believer in just going for it,” Justine explains. “It’s never going to be the perfect time. Life is too short – just go with your gut, follow your instinct and faith will lead the rest of the way! This song means so much to me. Singing is what I love to do and this is about new hope and new beginnings as we go into the year.”

Nashville-based producer, singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist Justine Blazer has been taking the musical world by storm – earning seven #1 singles on various independent charts. // Continue to the full article

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