Marc Rebillet is Streaming Live—Nonstop—Until He Reaches 1 Million YouTube Subscribers


A man on a mission.

Marc Rebillet is on a mission to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers and he’ll stop at nothing to get there. Literally, he won’t stop streaming until he reaches that number.

The one they call “Loop Daddy” announced on his socials that he will be going live on YouTube today, December 9th at 11:30AM ET (8:30AM PT) and will not cease until he reaches the milestone. Every time he gains 1,000 subscribers, he will also donate $500 to a charity. Check out Rebillet’s announcement below.

Rebillet has cultivated a formidable following from hosting his unique streams, wherein he delivers marathons of funky, often hilarious improvised songs. All the man needs is a keyboard, a loop machine, and a microphone and he’s off. He recently spoke to and expounded on his inspiring journey to becoming the “Loop Daddy” his fans admire today. You can read that feature here.

To watch Marc Rebillet on his mission to 1 million YouTube subscribers, tune in below.



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