Watch Alison Wonderland Perform From the Roof of LA’s Iconic Capitol Records Building


For many artists, a work trip to Los Angeles’ Capitol Records Building is a dream come true. Alison Wonderland recently took this goal to the literal next level with a performance from the roof of the iconic building.

In a video released Wednesday (Dec. 9), the producer performs a live version of her September single “Bad Things,” with accompaniment by a drummer and guitarist. Shot during golden hour and featuring a sweeping view of the LA skyline, the video is as striking as the song itself.

“This song to me is a type of rebirth,” the producer born Alex Sholler told Billboard of “Bad Things” in October. “I kind of wanted to write about not entertaining toxic things anymore, or identifying with things that are not good, or not falling in love with anything not good for me. Again I just wanted to remind myself why I was here, because it’s obviously a self-worth thing. It’s about gratitude and gratefulness and it’s a real rebirth. I really wanted the music to represent that.”

Built in 1956 and billed as the world’s first circular office building, the Capitol Records tower has been featured in projects like Independence Day and Mad Men. Home to Sholler’s label Astralwerks, the building is outfitted with a tower whose light blinks “Hollywood” in Morse code.

Watch the performance below.

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