California Roots Brand Honors Live Music With The Release Of ‘Save Live Music’ Line


California Roots, the premier destination live music event, first started as a casual streetwear clothing company. Grown from the spirit of the clothing company, the California Roots Music and Arts Festival has become known as the live music event with premier local vendors, artists, curated music ranging from Reggae to HipHop to Rock, drawing tens of thousands of fans from all over the world to the iconic Monterey County Fair and Event Center in Monterey, CA and on their livestream channels.

This year due to the COVID-19 health and safety measures taken, the festival had a unique opportunity presented to pivot back to their roots. Something that the producers had always envisioned for the event and now had time to fully realize their vision by focusing on branding and merchandising beyond the typical festival merch. // Continue to the full article

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