Of Course Dave Grohl Recorded Eight Nights of Hanukkah Songs


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. That’s just about all you hear about this time of year. So Dave Grohl is gonna do something about it. The Foo Fighters’ fearless leader announced on Wednesday night (Dec. 9) that he has teamed up with pal producer Greg Kurstin to shine a little light on that other winter celebration: Hanukkah.

“With all the mishegas of 2020, @GregKurstin & I were kibbitzing about how we could make Hannukah extra-special this year. Festival of Lights?! How about a festival of tasty LICKS! So hold on to your tuchuses… we’ve got something special coming for your shayna punims,” Grohl wrote in announcing the project that will have the pair covering eight songs over eight crazy nights.

“This year, instead of doing a Christmas song, Greg and I decided to celebrate Hanukkah by recording eight songs by eight famous Jewish artists,” said Grohl in a video about The Hanukkah Sessions. So Kurstin, who is Jewish, and Grohl, who is not, will release one of the songs each night of the holiday, which begins at sunset on Thursday.

See the announcement below.

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