Alicia Keys Tells 17,000 Massachusetts Conference For Women Attendees: This Is A “Time To Reach Out For What We Want”


Fifteen-time Grammy-award winner Alicia Keys joined a power-packed lineup today in delivering a message of hope and unity at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. The virtual event, organized around the theme “Power by Purpose: Achieving Equity for All,” attracted an estimated 17,000 people at a time when the nation faces twin economic and health crises and a pivotal reckoning on racial injustice.
“What this year has taught me is how important it is to slow down and appreciate the moment and each other,” Keys said in a conversation with Ellen McGirt, a senior editor at Fortune. “This is a new time. It’s a time to reach out for what we want. It’s time to collect our blessings.”

Keys also called candid conversations that are occurring about race in America “imperative” and said she is hopeful they will lead to meaningful change. // Continue to the full article

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