Jacob Collier Shares ‘Human Nature’ Cover


Before the days of quarantine, Jammcard’s JammJam live events hosted some of the nation’s most impactful musicians for incredible nights of unfiltered, collaborative raw convergence in the round as the who’s who of the music industry enjoyed the music from the packed sidelines. Last year, the incomparable Jacob Collier took the JammJam stage with his rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Human Nature” for a special night honoring the legendary Quincy Jones (who is a Jammcard investor and advisor). Today the performance has been made available for fans to enjoy across the globe, calling back to that in-person, packed house concert sensation and continuing to remind us what a brilliant and skilled artist Jacob is.

Jacob’s latest album Djesse Vol. 3 received three 2021 GRAMMY Award nominations, including Album Of The Year. // Continue to the full article

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