Sensorium Corporation Teams Up With Mubert To Create First-Ever AI-Powered Virtual DJs Playing AI-Generated Music


Sensorium Corporation and Mubert joined efforts to develop the world’s first AI-driven DJs that will autonomously create a constant flow of ever-changing music that adapts to all kinds of moods and environments.

Sensorium Corporation will produce a diverse series of photorealistic virtual artists featuring unique identities and musical preferences. Genetic algorithms behind each of these all-digital characters will drive their behavior and allow them to absorb data from the environment to constantly nurture their knowledge and evolve their music styles.

Mubert’s proprietary technology will empower these virtual performers with the ability to create generative music in real-time based on an extensive database of samples. From hip-hop and EDM to K-pop and indie-rock, these DJs will masterly handle over 60 genres of music. // Continue to the full article

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