IPR Rare And Ltd. Back Catalog Titles Available Now From Darla, Both Physically And (Some For The First Time) Digitally!


Independent Project Records, who recently announced their 40th anniversary, the relaunch of the innovative record label and their international distribution deal with Darla Records, announced today that a select portion of their rare, limited edition and digital back catalog is currently available via all retailers both digital and physical.

The first new reissue titles from the upcoming IPR relaunch will be remastered, expanded and long out-of-print titles from influential bands Half String, Scenic and Shiva Burlesque which will arrive in 2021. Full details of these new re-issue projects will be announced shortly. Fans of the innovative label can currently find titles from their back catalog available, including many titles that have never been released before digitally. IPR back catalog titles distributed via Darla Records today, are:

Jeffrey Clark – if Is*
Jeffrey Clark – Sheer Golden Hooks*
Lanterna – Backyards (Vinyl Only)
Bruce Licher – Exploratorium*
Bruce Licher – Owens Valley Driving Music*
Red Temple Spirits – First Demo Tape
Red Temple Spirits – Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon
Red Temple Spirits – If Tomorrow I Were Leaving For Lhasa, I Wouldn’t Stay a Minute More…
Red Temple Spirits (self-titled 3-CD set combining the above three releases)
Savage Republic – Live Trek 1986*
Savage Republic – Ceremonial
Savage Republic – Customs
Savage Republic – Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage
Savage Republic Recordings from Live Performances 1981 – 1983
Savage Republic – Trudge*
Scenic – Acquatica*
Scenic – Incident At Cima*
Scenic – Sage*
Scenic -Spheres*
*Never-Before-Released on Digital

A handful of extremely limited copies of physical titles as well as the 240 page-page color coffee table book, Savage Impressions: An Aesthetic Expedition Through the Archives of Independent Project Records & Press (P22 Publications, 2020) are available from the IPR Bandcamp page. // Continue to the full article

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