“Lofi Holiday Mixtape” Drops Today Featuring Inspired, New Lofi Remixes Of Christmas Classics By Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, The Temptations And More!


UMe has opened its cherished holiday music library to some of the most exciting electronic music producers around the globe for a set of inspired, new Lofi remixes of classic Christmas and wintery songs from legendary artists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, The Temptations and more. Dropping today as the Lofi Holiday Mixtape, the eight-track playlist features international festival fixture, Canadian DJ/producer BLOND:ISH, and “the queen of Lofi,” Dutch producer eevee, alongside a bevy of up-and-coming producers from the burgeoning Lofi scene, including Auxjack, Hyphen, Kuji, Somni, Roelo and V.Raeter.

The mixtape is available to stream now at all streaming services and each remix is also available individually as a digital single. Additionally, the remixes are accompanied by animated Yule log visualizer videos on the UMG Christmas Music channel to help ratchet up the digital coziness factor and usher in the holidays. // Continue to the full article

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