A Taylor Swift Fan Unearthed a ‘Speak Now’-Era Hint at ‘Evermore’


If it’s meant to be, it will be. Was Evermore single “Willow” already on Taylor Swift’s mind nearly 10 years ago?

On Saturday (Dec. 12), a fan of Swift’s with a sharp eye found the word “Willow” was featured in the music video for “Mean,” circa 2011. The song was on Swift’s Speak Now album, released a decade ago.

“No words,” they wrote. The tweet showed a collage of music video stills comparing “Willow” to “Mean,” both of which had Swift outfitted in a lace dress and wearing her hair in a braid. On Swift’s “Mean” stage set is a sign that clearly says “Willow” (which can be seen pretty well about 56 seconds in, if you’re watching for it yourself).

This finding shows up on Swift’s feed of tweets she’s liked, with a trail of stunned reactions in the comments section.

“what the actual f—!??” one fan wrote, posting a meme that reads, “She’s so powerful. Her mind… UGH it amazes me sometimes.”

“She’s f—ed in the head,” another fan joked, quoting one of Swift’s own lines, from Evermore’s “Champagne Problems.”

See the “Willow” sighting below.

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