Grammy Hall Of Fame Mega Hit Songwriter Sir Earl Toon Releases “Celebration”


Sir Earl Toon shares, “I had moved from New Orleans to Dallas and a lovely lady named Carla Harrell called me. She shared her firsthand experience of seeing a young girl walking to school without a coat on in the dead cold of the winter. She couldn’t shake this experience and called to say we got to do something about it. We went to the girl’s school, met with the principal, who told us that many kids in school desperately needed coats this time of year. Carla and I founded “Give A Kid A Coat” and to date by the grace of God over 7,000 coats along with socks, scarfs, hats, gloves, and more have been distributed through school districts such as Dallas, Fort Worth, New Orleans along with church groups and community centers. Carla and I had been funding the project ourselves through the provisions given to us through our talents but then our house burnt down. // Continue to the full article
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