Killing Joke Drummer Big Paul Ferguson Inks Deal With Indie Giant Cleopatra Records For New Solo Album


L.A.-based indie giant Cleopatra Records and Big Paul Ferguson, the British percussionist for proto-industrial post-punk legends Killing Joke, are proud to announce their new partnership, which was officially cemented this year. Ferguson founded Killing Joke, along with vocalist Jaz Coleman, in London 1978 and the two quickly expanded to a four-piece guitarist Geordie Walker and bassist Youth. The band then proceeded to completely remake the musical landscape, incorporating elements of punk rock, noise rock, dub, and industrial to create a body of work that’s as visceral as it is sophisticated.
Ferguson’s tribal-style of drumming became the backbone for some of KJ’s biggest songs including “Wardance” from their 1980 debut album as well as “Eighties” and “Love Like Blood” from the classic 1985 album Night Time. // Continue to the full article
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