Mauri Dark Releases New Album


In his solo debut as Mauri Dark, Mystons’ own Mauri Kosonen delivers what I would deem his most profoundly moving work to date in ten fantastic folk songs ala Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man. Dreams of a Middle-Aged Man is built like a traditional folk record, but upon closer inspection its contents are simply too progressive in nature for me to describe it as non-conceptual. In songs like “Chains of Solitude,” “Love Will Prevail” and “Hymn for a Wanderer,” Mauri Dark takes us into his world without any filtration to come between his story and the audience, and for an audiophile like me, an opportunity to go deep with an artist of this caliber is too great to resist.

There’s a dark element to “Shades of Gray,” “Thin Line of Understanding,” the title cut and “Worst Enemy” that would be almost unbearable were someone else at the helm of the harmonies, and for some Mystons fans, this might come as a bit of a surprise. // Continue to the full article

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