Stringz EMB Release New Music Video For “Perfect”


Being true to yourself and staying authentic to who you are is not always easy. It takes some life lessons for many of us to find who we are and learn to be okay with being vulnerable. What might be hard for some is as easy as pie with Stringz EMB, AKA Gregory Bowdry. Stringz EMB has an authenticity and vulnerability about how he performs and the way he produces his songs. That’s what’s been drawing in audiences all over the country, putting him in a league of his own. The new single “Perfect” is the seamless combination of vulnerable and meaningful messages but with the same classic soulful sound and feel we all know and love.

“Perfect” is a musical masterpiece of fast words and soulful music to back those vocals up. The St. Louis native father of two opens up his heart, sharing everything going on in 2020, from the ongoing pandemic to the perception of “perfect” people see when they look at him, not seeing that he has all the same challenges and obstacles just like the rest of us. // Continue to the full article

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