Taylor Swift Shares the Story Behind ‘Willow’ Video With These Before & After Shots


Taylor Swift isn’t done delivering new versions and visuals for her witchy Evermore highlight “Willow.”

On Tuesday (Dec. 15), Swift unveiled one of her favorite parts of directing her own music videos and peeled the curtain back even further by revealing the full storyboard treatment for her self-directed “Willow” video. The new video — which plays the “Dancing Witch Version” of the song in the background — places all 57 original illustrations adjacent to their corresponding music video frames.

“One of my favorite parts of directing music videos is the daydream/prep phase: writing up a treatment, a shot list, and working with an animator to storyboard it out ahead of time,” Swift wrote on her socials. “Thanks to illustrator Vincent Lucido, we can check off our shots as we go. A video showing the before and after of the willow video is out now.”

The storyboard animations highlight her quintessential “Cardigan” and “Invisible String” from Folklore as well as the coven of witches dancing under the glow of a million invisible strings and her fateful love interest, portrayed by her Red tour backup dancer Taeok Lee, finally being with her.

See how Swift and Lucido brought her “Willow” video to life in the new behind-the-scenes clip below.

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