Jenny Banai Premieres ‘couchwalker On Film’


Vancouver songwriter Jenny Banai released her sophomore album, couchwalker, earlier this year to much acclaim. Today, Banai has premiered couchwalker on film via Audiofemme – a short film that represents the emotional pulls within her humanity as she sorts through her convictions and feelings regarding relationship choices and her faith. The film was funded by Canada Council for the Arts.

Inspired, in part, and due to the limited ways live music can be shared in our current COVID-world environment, Banai envisioned a multi-medium digital concept performance to clarify couchwalker on another level, so as to invite viewers in as close as one can to the music, and to her particular creative character.

Starring Banai, the film features long single-shot segments in a warehouse fashioned to look like a living room set, with a couch-and her interactions with said couch-as the centerpiece. // Continue to the full article

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