John Garrison Shares New Video For ‘The Revolution Is Just Waiting A Name’


Copenhagen based British Indie-rock artist, John Garrison shares the video for second single, “The Revolution Is Just Waiting A Name” premiered by Amplify Magazine today, watch via YouTube + listen via DSP’s. The song is from his new album, Extinguisher out now, steam now.

In discussing the song, John shares, “we went from actually talking to our neighbours to sending them an invisible ‘like’. Filters and endless storage means that we can alter, re-shoot, and manipulate our own lives to fit in with the ones we watch and envy everyday.”

He questions, “Imagine if we could go back in time and pinpoint where this separation and division started. The moment we handed over control of what we and our kids see on a daily basis, to a computer program. What would we have done differently? Would we all just sit back and watch? Or would we do something about it?” and concludes with, “where there is a shared will for good, there is hope. // Continue to the full article

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