Mura Masa Remixes Tohji’s ‘Oreo’


Tokyo-based rapper and producer Tohji returns to offer a new interpretation of his single “Oreo,” this time from UK producer Mura Masa. The “Eternal Mix” pulls “Oreo” into high tide, carrying the song through swells of breakbeats and moments of rippling reflection.
Mura Masa’s remix is preceded by the transcendent “seven seas mix” from ambient producer and composer Malibu.

Originally released in September, “Oreo” is the latest track from Tohji, whose ever-evolving sound and style has accumulated over 22 million streams in Japan and beyond. His pioneering spirit has emerged as a beacon for Japan’s new wave of youth culture and captured the hearts of dreamers worldwide.

“Oreo” was preceded by the August release of “propella,” which offered yet another new direction to Japanese rap. // Continue to the full article

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