Amelia’s Dream Reveals New Release Everybody’s Got Something


If Alanis Morisette and Carly Simon had a love child, it would be Amelia’s Dream, the New York City based duo, consisting of songwriter/Singer Amelia S. Gewirtz & musician/producer/songwriter Harold Stephan that has stolen all of our attention, and been the soundtrack to our lives since the day they dropped their album, Everybody’s Got Something.

Starting with the title track in the first spot of the track list, “Everybody’s Got Something” really shows off Amelia’s incredibly versatile vocal ability, and sets the expectations sky high for the rest of the album. With tracks like Uprooted, a slower track with beautiful falsetto vocals, and “Hero”, a track dedicated to the frontline workers risking their lives to save NYC, this album is a goldmine.

With a title that can explain what has been happening in the last 5-10 years with just its three words, “America, The Pharmaceutical” shows they aren’t afraid of exposing and vocalizing the immoral way this country has been dealing with the sick people who inhabit it. // Continue to the full article

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