Andrea Bocelli’s Charity Joins Forces With Bervann For An Elite Virtual Gala On December 30, 2020


2020, a tragic year to go down as one of the most challenging 365-day experiences for most of us. Rightfully so, we have focused our attention to healthcare heroes who have helped save lives all year long and to businesses who have helped us keep a roof over our head and food on the table. As we near a hopeful exit from this horrific season, we turn our focus to the most vulnerable human beings on earth, those who might not even understand the sudden changes they have been subjected to and might suffer extended consequences on the continued balance of their health, lifestyle and education post-pandemic: OUR CHILDREN.

The ANDREA BOCELLI Foundation, the nonprofit founded by the globally celebrated Italian icon ANDREA BOCELLI 9 years ago in Florence (Italy) has partnered for a 2nd time with the BERVANN Foundation, the nonprofit of the New York investment holding BERVANN to address the Impact of COVID-19 on Children and pragmatic initiatives toward Building a Better World for Our Youth. // Continue to the full article

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