Are You Ready For Some Miley? Cyrus Tackles NFL Network Takeover


Miley Cyrus announced the kick-off of her week-long collaboration with the NFL Network on Friday (Dec. 18), during which she’ll spend the run up to Christmas as their Takeover Artist. In a preview of her stint, Miley described her favorite thing to do when she goes home to Nashville: tossing the old pigskin around in a skintight vinyl football catsuit. “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game,” Miley tweeted along with a video in which she suits up to have a catch — and, of course, strike some provocative poses and do a bit of cheerleading — over stock footage of gridiron action soundtracked by the title song from her Plastic Hearts album.

In a chat with NFL Network’s MJ Acosta-Ruiz, Miley explained that she doesn’t do many things that her dad and brothers think are cool, but that “some of my greatest memories are playing football with my dad.” In fact, dad Billy Ray and Miley work so hard at their art that she said they both consider themselves to be athletes of a sort due to their “constant dedication and training. I think that athleticism ingrained a sense of dedication to me that I am most thankful for.”

Miley’s full interview with NFL Network’s Good Morning Football will be available on Friday. Alicia Keys was the Takeover artist in September.

Check out the previews below.

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