P!ink Looks Back on Challenging Year of Health Setbacks: ‘As If Surviving COVID Wasn’t Enough’


P!nk is definitely ready to move on from 2020.

The 41-year-old pop superstar took to Instagram on Friday (Dec. 18) to share a laundry list of health issues she has experienced over the past year, including a battle with COVID-19.

“As if surviving covid wasn’t enough for this poop sandwich of a year! Well, I got my stitches out from drying that wine glass, that went well. Then I recovered from my very first staph infection for no reason (cry for help?) (right knee was lonely?) so I thought I’d fracture my ankle!” P!ink captioned a photo of herself in a hospital bed.

In early April, the Grammy-winning singer revealed that she and her 3-year-old son, Jameson, tested positive for coronavirus. In an essay for NBC News, she called the experience “the most physically and emotionally challenging experience I have gone through as a mother.”

P!nk is still keeping her sense of humor despite her challenging year.

“Later tonight I’m gonna climb inside a raw chicken and see if I can’t check out what salmonella’s like! 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving,” she joked in her post, where she’s seen giving a thumbs up.

The artist revealed that her fractured ankle resulted from “running down the stairs trying to see the Christmas star,” referring to a rare star that will appear for the first time in hundreds of years on Dec. 21.

“Happy holidays everyone! Who wants a Negroni!” P!nk concluded.

See her full post here.

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