Rewind: On This Day in 2016, Cookie Monsta Released Fan-Favorite VIP of “Party Drink Smoke”


Cookie Monsta took on Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s “Party Drink Smoke” four years ago today.

Back in October the dance music community tragically said goodbye to Cookie Monsta, a pioneering artist in the dubstep world, gone far too soon.

The bass music producer made his mark with the support of Circus Records, a label founded by his longtime colleagues and friends, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.

Four years ago today, Cookie Monsta had a career-defining moment when he dropped an incendiary VIP remix of Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s collaboration “Party Drink Smoke (feat. Jarren Benton).” The late artist kicked up the tempo and distortion a notch, and with bellowing bass and intricately layered vocals, he led listeners into a stampeding rush of energy capable of riling up a festival audience in a flash.

With Cookie Monsta’s fresh new spin, the track seemingly had found its full party anthem potential.

Cookie Monsta delivered uniquely transformative takes on Flux Pavilion’s music on more than one occasion, and the two additionally collaborated on an original single in 2013, the melodic, wobbly “Come Find Me.”

Upon hearing of Cookie Monsta’s passing, Flux Pavilion posted a heartfelt statement to social media. “Lost a brother today,” he wrote. “My ears are ringing in the silence that he leaves. It’s painful.”

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