Do Music Competitions Still Have The Same Power?


The televised music competition or talent show has undoubtedly forged a unique place in pop culture over the last two decades. American Idol launched the career of Kelly Clarkson, giving her two number-one singles on the US Billboard charts. In the UK, the Christmas number one spot has been held by a reality TV show winner on no fewer than eight occasions this century and its predecessor Pop Idol delivered 11 number one singles. Year upon year, music talent shows on both sides of the Atlantic have spawned stars and hit singles like the Stock Aiken and Waterman talent conveyor belt of the late eighties.

Have they had their day though? Fans have certainly rebelled against the shows in some areas, with the UK public managing to force Rage Against The Machine’s expletive-laden track Killing in the Name Of to number one in the 2009

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