John Ford Coley Releases Long Way Home: Live In Israel & L.A.


With his Texan charm, John Ford Coley shows how it’s done on his new double CD, “Long Way Home,” produced by The Fourth Way World. Coley is most revered as half of the duo “England” Dan Seals and John Ford Coley. Together, they earned a wall of multi-platinum hits and gold records.

On the Israel CD, the Sea of Galilee concert presents pristine renditions of hits, including “Long Way Home,” “It’s Sad To Belong,” and “What’s Forever For,” and compelling new compositions. He rocks hard with “Cottonmouth Grove” and gets the crowd singing his latest anthem, “Should’ve Never Left Texas.” John has a warm spot for Israel and visits often. Coley dedicated “Soldier In The Rain,” a tribute Coley wrote for Vietnam vets, to Israel. In perfect Hebrew, John serenaded the crowd with “HaTikva” (“The Hope”), Israel’s national anthem. // Continue to the full article

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