Musician Nick Vera Perez On Course Of Releasing New Albums


Nick Vera Perez, a musician, and artist hailing from the Philippines, is currently pursuing to release his new albums as a part of his planned 10 albums. The second album to release consists of over 10 songs, of which nine tracks are ready-to-go.
Songs on the albums are a hybrid of English and Filipino after Perez’s first album hit record success. The second album to release draws inspiration from a revolutionary combination of many genres intertwined.
For Nick, the motivational aspect behind his music is to garner a lasting influence on his audience. He intends to spread joy and happiness through his records. Based in Chicago, Perez was born and raised in the Philippines, and he has always managed to depict his Filipino roots in his music.

His journey and emphatic rise to success have earned recognition and coined him a fan base that travels worldwide to follow the artist in his music journey. // Continue to the full article

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