Don’t Be Sad Season Two of ‘The Mandalorian’ is Over, Be Happy That Someone Wrote Lyrics For Its Theme Song


Most of us are still trying to process the head-spinning season two finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian after the live-action Star Wars series (no spoilers) blew our minds with a totally unexpected reveal. And now who knows when the show will be back in our streams? But in the meantime, the good folks at The Warp Zone YouTube channel have made our holidays as bright as a world with two suns thanks to their silly “If ‘The Mandalorian’ Song Had Lyrics” parody video.

Taking Ludwig Goransson’s sweeping theme and slapping some descriptive lyrics onto it was not something anyone asked for, but now that it exists it’s hard to imagine it any other way. “The Mando/ Lorian/ It’s Star Wars: The Western,” sings a mustacioed faux Mando as an accompanist in pink shades plays the haunting melody on a keyboard tricked out with a tiny Baby Yoda (sorry, Grogu) figure.

“Here’s a man in a Beskar suit/ Who’s a walking armory/ Bounty hunting to just make do/ In the gig economy,” he continues in his earnest voice as images of the Mando accepting said killer gigs unspool behind him. “Din Djarin sings along to the epic music of the Mandalorian theme by Ludwig Goransson. Along the way, he gives some honest feedback on the Disney Plus show and some of its heavy usage of western and sci-fi movie references,” reads the description of the clip starring Ryan Tellez as the Mando/Pedro Pascal and Brian Fisher as Kenny Keys.

“His name is on the show/ But we know who the star is/ This puppet who’s adorable and green/ Turned out to be a tiny cash machine.” I mean, c’mon, Grogu is pretty cute, right?

Watch the video below and may the farce be with you, always.

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