91 Sauce Brings Hot Hip Hop Beats From Florida


Rising hip hop star 91 Sauce is ready to take the world by storm with his unique music. His latest single “Trouble” is ready to change the way people see hip hop. 91 Sauce has taken old school hip hop sounds and remastered them into something fresh.

“Trouble” combines multiple sounds, including R&B, rap, and pop. His ability as a singer and songwriter is clearly heard on the track. 91 Sauce teams up with Produce X Hoffa to create a unique collaboration. Listeners are taken along for a musical journey as 91 Sauce relates his views on life and love in the song’s lyrics. 91 Sauce’s deep and powerful voice upholds the beats of the song. The song’s melody is a mix of fast and slow tempos, leaving listeners never knowing what to expect. “Trouble,” along with other tracks recorded by the artist, is on iTunes and Spotify. // Continue to the full article

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