Quizboy – “Quarantine Barbie”


Dolls help children to increase their imagination and to make them create their own stories and narratives. The world’s most famous doll Barbie is available in uncountable forms and settings. Barbie and her plastic environment have adapted to plenty of real-life situations and happenings. But is there a quarantine Barbie, yet? A Barbie wearing tracksuits, working in the home office and eating deep-frozen food night by night while watching TV and getting accustomed to day drinking after some weeks? Well, at least there is an EP called “Quarantine Barbie” by Portland’s Quizboy and it will be released on the weirdest Christmas Day since the year a young couple looked for accommodation in Bethlehem.

Quizboy’s EP contains six songs and three bonus tracks. The latter are ‘Stage of Graves’, the instrumental version of the same song and the original mix of ‘Suburbia’ which is featured on “Quarantine Barbie”, too. // Continue to the full article

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