German Duo 11 Unicorns Is Back To Say Goodbye To 2020 With A New EP Titled “Loneliness”


German duo 11 Unicorns is back to say goodbye to 2020 with a new EP titled “Loneliness”.
If you’re familiar with the artists’ sound you know you can expect some high quality Techno jams, with rock-solid grooves and amazing melodic progressions, hugely influenced by the duo’s live attitude.

First in the row is “Follow”, a pounding Techno tune that oozes pure energy, followed by “Come back”, more melodic than the previous one, but still hitting hard on the kick.

Last but not least, you’ll find “Loneliness”, exploring the more deeper side of the Ep with an emotional vocal by Matthias (NEO) Barwig.

Out on December 24th 2020, make a gift to yourself and grab a copy of this hot Ep! // Continue to the full article

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