Space Kamp Releases ‘Sunrays No Shade’


The psychedelic, Hip Hop and Reggae genre-bending duo Space Kamp is excited to announce their new single “Sunrays No Shade” due out December 18th! The new single is the first release since their critically acclaimed and fan favorite album Electric Lemonade.

The soulful warm song “Sunrays No Shade” was born during the summer months of COVID-19 between Space Kamp’s home base in Allentown, PA and producer Rob the Viking’s studio at The Chamber Studio, in Nanaimo, Victoria Island, BC. From production to recording, the new song was impressively arranged and produced virtually from the live instrumentation to vocals. “Rob the Viking produced the track, it’s just had the good vibe, and it was one of those songs that writes itself. Not being able to tour we knew we wanted to stay busy and consistent,” Space Kamp continues, “Now more than ever we feel like it’s crucial to look on the bright side of things, find the good in bad situations. // Continue to the full article

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