Breathing Sensuality And Spice Into EDM Music: Magik’A All Set To Unleash Its Power


A rich powerhouse of stunning and sensual EDM music, Magik’A offers the best that today’s fast-paced, modern pop scene needs: a hot and anticipated singing and songwriting talent. Combining elements that can be described as both sensual, provocative and fun, the artist promises a rich and varied musical composition that is bound to make anyone want to let loose, explore and feel the beat. To kill the blues and the winter melancholy, Magik’A offers sexy combinations that channel her own feminine spirit and the fun and frenzy that pop music is characterized with in today’s moving musical scene.

Named in honor of her late friend and band manager, Majestik Magnificent, who is also credited as a main songwriter of her hot single, Magik’A titled herself and styled her artistic journey after her friend. // Continue to the full article

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