Treasurer Pappas Invites All To Enjoy Greek Christmas Carol Tradition


In a celebration of her Greek heritage, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas today invited one and all to enjoy traditional Greek Christmas carols “to brighten a holiday season that needs the feelings of hope and good will that only music can bring.”

As part of the celebrations of Christmas and New Year in Greece, carolers go door to door in what is known as the Kalanda Tradition – “kalanda” meaning “carols” in the Greek language, Pappas explained.

A video of Greek Christmas carols played and sung by Dimitrios Dallas, an employee of her office who plays 30 instruments, can be played on
“Carols of the Greek Kalanda Tradition lift hearts at this time of the year, and this year all our hearts need to be lifted,” Pappas said. “Greece and America are both under siege by a pandemic, and these carols are offered to help us all feel better. // Continue to the full article

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