AJR Reminisce on a Simpler Time in Animated ‘My Play’ Video


Have you ever put on a play for your parents when you were a kid? AJR is encompassing those innocent, happy memories in their new song, “My Play.”

The accompanying animated video, released on Sunday (Dec. 27), acts out imaginative scenes of childhood, featuring adventures on dinosaurs, in outer space, under the sea and more before a moving box-filled depiction of divorce triggers confusion and anger.

“I just really, really, really, really wanna show you my play / And I don’t wanna do it for Dad at Dad’s new place / I worked really, really, really, really hard, lemme show you my play / And I don’t wanna do it twice, ’cause it’s not the same,” brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Metzger plead in the chorus.

“My Play” is featured on the group’s recent three-song EP of the same name, which also includes previously released singles “Bummerland” and “Bang!”

Watch the new video below.

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