Historically great Musicians of South Africa


South African music is rich in history. Let’s look at the greatest South African musicians in history, such as Hugh Masekela. He was a trumpeter for over six decades! While mostly known for horns, trumpets, and reggae, the music scene in South Africa has quite a few well-known musicians.

While Masekela is arguably the best of the best musicians in South Africa, there are great musicians in every genre of music. He also was a leader of artists using their voices politically to influence the world. We will look at the movement of musicians speaking up and changing the world, and how Masekela influenced generations of musicians.

Music is a key component of the history of South Africa, as it holds a place in the culture and political history of the region. While Big Swing and Jazz were popular for decades, as the times have changed, so has the type of music played throughout the region. Now, there are a lot of EDM bands, Rock bands, and Reggae is prevalent as well.

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