Stonebwoy deserves an award for hosting Davido’s dramatic weekend!


30 Billion Gang head honcho, Davido is currently being hosted in Ghana by Stonebwoy after their Activate Party and he’s caused quite a stir in town so far!

The Arrival

Davido touched down on Sunday afternoon for the party which was scheduled for Monday, December 28 and Stonebwoy was at the Kotoka International Airport with his team to welcome his guest.

They drove out of the airport in a convoy of cars, motorcycles and quad bikes of which Stone and Davido were each driving one – a scene which gave their impending event all the hype, anticipation and euphoria it needed.

The Fight With BurnaBoy

As if that wasn’t enough headlines for the weekend, Davido run into a brawl with Nigerian rival Burna Boy at Level Up Lounge, a popular lounge in Ghana’s capital, a night before the Activate Party.

An eyewitness has said that the recent brawl between music heavyweights, Davido and Burna Boy was instigated by the latter.

According to the source familiar with the story, Burna Boy approached Davido’s team with five heavily built men after he entered the club.

“The Dj was playing Davido’s music and he switched and he said welcome Odogwu to the party and that was when I realized Burna Boy was there,” the eyewitness told in a phone interview from Accra.

He continued: “When Burna Boy got in, he walked straight to Davido with some five built men, by then Davido was standing on a chair. When he [Davido] saw them he came down and they exchanged words and before you realized the first punch was thrown and that was it.

“The next 40 to 45 mins was hell,” he said. According to the eyewitness, the incident didn’t happen at Twist, as widely reported.

Wizkid watches the fight unperturbed

He said the brawl lasted for more than forty mins after which Burna Boy and his team were whisked away to avoid getting hurt by Davido’s thirty-five-man team. He said that Wizkid who was at the club at the time of the brawl, looked on.

“Yes, I saw Wizkid myself when the fight happened because when the fight started I needed to take some ladies who were with me in the club with me downstairs. And when I took them down, I saw Wizkid downstairs.”

Since the news broke with a 9-seconds video of the brawl, both artists have topped Twitter trends in Nigeria, Ghana with Davido amongst the trends in the United States.

Davido has rescinded his decision to leave music after earlier stating in a tweet that he was leaving. Nigeria’s biggest artists Davido and Burna Boy have allegedly been at loggerheads since the turn of the year.

Despite the petty nature of their clashes, many have said that most of it have been fueled by fans of both artists. A similar incident happened between Davido and Wizkid.

The Activate Party

Moving on, Davido’s Monday night was spent at the Sandbox beach in Accra and saw himself and Stonebwoy mounting the stage together with an electrifying performance to entertain their fans.

The Activate Party was an Accra nightlife party themed on the ‘newly released ‘Activate’ song the duo have done together. The Ghanaian dancehall act owns the song and featured Davido on it.

The Nigerian singer who is the most popular African artiste linked up with Ghana’s top dancehall act about 3 months ago in Ghana and their chemistry only keeps growing apart from just making music together.

Davido and his team consoled with ‘Fufu’ by Stonebwoy’s wife

Before last night’s show, Davido with his crew visited Stonebwoy at his home, where the wife of the ‘Putuu’ singer, Dr Louisa, served the ‘Gobe’ singer with his crew fufu with light soup meal.

Apparently, CEO of Burniton Music Group, was there to pick up David Adedeji Adeleke, better known as Davido, from his apartment later in the day to the mansion to meet his family and also dine with them.

In the video sighted on social media, the CEO of DMW Records and his 30BG crew were spotted enjoying the food served at Stonebwoy’s house.

Stonebwoy speaking about his relationship with Davido during a recent interview with Metro TV’s Paul Adom Otchere said: ” He and I have been in communication for a very long time”.

He continued, I’ll say five years nowHe’s been a good friend but we’ve kept a lot of things on the low as friends so the opportunity was just very right to connect with him”. 

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