Award is just a plaque, don’t fall for their agenda of division – Slim Deejay to Kumerican acts


In a heated discussion on Radio One FM in Kumasi, show host, Slim Deejay has emphatically defended the stance of the Asaaka Kumericans of Life Living Records for rejecting and boycotting the 3Music Awards nominations and entire scheme.

In his view, the Kumerican artistes shouldn’t submit themselves to any grading system by the so-called key industry players because they were no where to be found when these artistes were struggling to make a name for themselves in the industry.

In a Facebook post on his page, he stated;

MY PASSIONATE OPINION ( PART 1 ) : I was one of the people who didn’t even understand the KUMERICA concept, I guess its probably age, lol but I was blessed enough to live and see the beauty of a group of creative people who had been sidelined for a longtime, finally accept the cold world that was handed to them and create a new one where they were free to express themselves without fear and criticisms from the so called “industry and its players”.

In times like these where the same system comes crawling back to set an AGENDA OF DIVISION , I believe its our duty to tell our creative people to stand UNITED and fight the oppressor.

Their intentions are clear “we want to spend money and award you for a good work done” and my question is where were you when I needed help to record and shoot videos ??

Where were you when people were trolling KUMERICA on social media ??? My dear creative people of this great nation of KUMERICA, together you created a sound that was big enough to be heard in London , New York , Tokyo and the whole 3wiasi … let no one decide who you are and which category you belong to . #KumericaIsNotAFanArmy

His statement has been met with mixed reactions in the comments under the post with amny believing that his words were an exaggeration of the real value of Kumerican acts.

What do you think?

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