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Date: 08/05/2020
Time: 7:00 am
Location: Afrik Best Radio
Address: Street 84, khan pou senchey phnom phen
Discussions on issues such as Marriage, Relationships, Home and Career balance, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Lifestyle.

Test Your Own Marriage Satisfaction
Marital relationships are complex institutions! In order to improve the quality of a marriage, it helps to take a systematic look at how it is functioning. This page contains a questionnaire you can use as a general guide for evaluating your marital satisfaction.

Alcohol and the Family
About 8% of American adults abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent. This is a primary health concern and it has significant implications for families and child well-being and development. Approximately one out of every four U.S. children under the age of 18 years is exposed to the effects of alcohol abuse or dependence in a family member.

Anger Cues and Control Strategies
In addition to becoming aware of anger, individuals need to develop strategies to effectively manage it. These strategies can be used to stop the escalation of anger before loss of control results in negative consequences. An effective set of strategies for controlling anger should include both immediate and preventive strategies.

Topics will include, but not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship & growth
  • Corporate and strategic entrepreneurship
  • Universities and entrepreneurship
  • Spin offs and knowledge transfer
  • Innovation and Technological entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and regional development
  • Governmental support for entrepreneurs
  • Social and community entrepreneurship
  • Green entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and gender
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Entrepreneurial learning and communities of practice
  • Studies of new businesses and business survival
  • Entrepreneurship and ethnic minorities
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Managing globalization and international business
  • Small/family business management, intro/entrepreneurship
  • Managing business relationships
  • Managing work place motivation/pressure/stress
  • Managing learning and improvement
  • Instilling creativity
  • Managing supply chains
  • Developing/leveraging core competencies
  • Improving the quality of the management
  • E-management
  • International businesses management
  • Internationalization in family businesses – entrepreneurship focus
  • Human Resources impacts brought about by internationalization – European context around ‘passporting.’
  • Impact of ‘Brexit’ on family businesses involved in export markets: opportunities and challenges.
  • Multinational family businesses – internationalization impacts, challenges, strategies and issues.
  • Governance of multinational family businesses.
  • Case studies of multinational family businesses focusing on any management aspect, e.g. entrepreneurship (new business development, new product development), strategy

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